How To: Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Your Next Water Pipe

Are you new to the world of bongs or water pipes? If you are a beginner, it must be very difficult for you to navigate through the vast collection of bongs or water pipes. Well, with a myriad of options available, choosing the right kind of buy bongs Ontario can become a daunting task for many. A bong which is also known as a water pipe is actually filtration device which is used for smoking cannabis or tobacco.

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Finding a Bong: Not Anymore a Daunting Affair

Everyone tries to look for a bong that meets their need and lifestyle. So if you are facing any difficulty in picking the right piece, you don’t need to freak out. You just need to follow the rest of the blog. When you are looking forward to picking the right kind of buy bongs Ontario, you will need to keep in mind certain facts. They are:

How Do You Plan To Use It?

Items to Use: A water pipe or a bong is suitable for smoking both kinds of items, i.e. dry herbs and concentrates. However, based on the type of item one is going to use in the water pipe, will dictate the bong suitable for the task. For instance, those who want to smoke dry legal herbs should go for a bong that comes with a bowl and large stem set at a 45 or 90° angle. Those who want to try out legal concentrates should go for bongs with a nail and 90° angle stem.

Percolator: Do you want to diffuse the smoke? Well, water pipes coming with percolator are suitable for those who want to avoid inhaling the smoke. The burning of tobacco creates flame that is not good for health. Hence, percolators can easily filter out the toxins during the combustion and cool down the smoke. Hence, one gets to enjoy smooth and clean hits. Although buy bongs Ontario can come with in-built diffusers; however, one can add accessories like ash-catcher to it.

Size: Size of bongs shouldn’t be overlooked. If one plans to use bongs while on the move, one should go for smaller pipes. On the contrary, larger pipes can be a good for home usage. Based on the lung capacity, water pipes must be chosen. Beginners should opt for small or medium water pipe for small pulls.

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Price: The price of any buy bongs Ontario is a thing of concern. Colorful bongs can cost a lot. First-time buyers can opt for a minimalistic piece of bongs made of glass. It won’t cost them much. Moreover, it can be modified in any way one wants.

Material: When buying a water pipe one should check the material with which it is made. Acrylic or plastic water pipes can be cheap but it can lack creativity. Ceramic pipes are cheaper and durable. However, one can opt for silicone and bamboo pipes which are very stylish in nature.

Smoking a bong or water-pipe is considered to be the best way to consume cannabis. Get your hands on some beautiful buy bongs Ontario and enjoy smoking the concentrates.